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Natal Chart (includes 12 month Future Forecast)

This reading is based on your date, place and time of birth and gives an insight into you as an individual and the energies at work within you. A Natal Chart Reading

will examine your own unique strengths as well as those aspects of life you may

find more challenging. This will not only lead to greater self awareness and understanding, but also maximise your potential by working with the planetary energies in your chart. We all have a unique journey and this reading will assist you to uncover your own true path.


As well as making sense of any issues you may currently be facing, a Natal Chart Reading also includes an analysis of the next 12 months ahead. This reading is available either as a face to face consultation or as a written report. Please use the Contacts page BEFORE purchase to provide birth details / further information and so I can confirm the day for your reading.

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Although the Natal Chart provides the framework in your life, this is also constantly evolving through the progression of the planets and the subsequent energies surrounding you. A Future Forecast will focus on the year ahead and identify how these energies are likely to affect your life, and in which areas. By understanding what may be coming up, you are also able to prepare and work with the planets in a conscious way rather than just letting external events or experiences happen to you.


A Future Forecast for 12 months is included in both the Natal chart and Synastry Readings, however if you require an update for current and future trends, this is available either by face to face consultation or by written report. Please use the Contacts page BEFORE purchase to provide birth details / further information. I will then confirm the day for your reading to be completed.










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12 month Future Forecast only


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Synastry - Relationship Reading

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Relationships come in all shapes and sizes, whether it is your current (or potential) love partner, parents, children, siblings, work colleagues, the list is endless. Why is it that some people affect us differently from others? How can we get the best out of our relationships and manage difference? This reading is available as a face to face or written report and analyses the main themes in any relationship you identify, whether you are thinking of entering into a love or business partnership, trying to improve a current relationship or simply be the the best parent to your child you can be.


Please Note - This reading will require birth details of the other person, and you will also need their permission to use this data. Please use the Contacts page BEFORE purchase to provide birth details for both people / further information.