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1- 3 Question Reading

Sometimes we just want to know the answer to a particular question and my Express Readings offer just that. This reading allows up to three questions about

an area of your life where you may need more clarity. I will analyse your chart and offer you an indication of the likely issues and possible outcome given the information contained in your Natal Chart and the planetary influences surrounding you at this time. I may also use the Tarot as part of this reading. Please note: This is an email reading only. Before purchase please use the contacts page to send me your questions and birth details. These readings are very popular so please allow me to confirm the day your reading will be completed BEFORE payment to avoid any disappointment.

£75- Buy Now

Do you have a particular question about a relationship? Whether regarding a love partner, a parent, child, sibling, friend, business partner or work colleague, this reading will give you further insight into this relationship in order to answer your query. Whilst not an in depth Synastry Reading, this Express Reading will cover some of the Astrological energies and themes of the relationship you identify and seek to give you further clarity through examining how your energies may affect each other. This is an email reading only.


Please Note - This reading will require the birth details of the other person, so you will need to seek their permission to use this data. Please use the Contacts

page to send me your question and any additional information plus birth details for both parties BEFORE purchase. I will then confirm the day your reading will be completed.

£75 - Buy Now

Relationship Question Reading

The world is a big place, and where we are born is not necessarily always the best place to maximise our potential. Whilst your Natal Chart always remains for the place you were born, it is possible to re-direct and shift the energies in your chart by relocation. With the tool of Astro*Cartography we are able to bring out those parts of our personality we wish to emphasise and minimise the impact of more challenging aspects in our life. For example where is the best place to go for a holiday? To further your career? To find love? This reading will identify your best places for up to three areas you identify.  This is an email reading only. Please use the Contacts page with your birth details and to provide further information BEFORE purchase. I will then confirm the day your reading will be completed.

£75 - Buy Now

Where in the world? Astro*Cartography

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